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As we need to ensure that every child’s programme is targeted in exactly the right areas, we offer a full academic assessment of your child’s abilities in English, maths, or science; all free of charge.

From this information we can focus on priorities to be addressed and begin to plan an appropriate targeted programme of study. We will sit down and talk you through all of the results and the intended programme before any decision is made as to whether you want to attend or not. If we sense that your child does not require tuition, we will also tell you at this stage.

Upon completion of the assessment, if you wish us to help your child improve, a suitable time and date is then agreed and the lessons are arranged at this point.

There is no maximum or minimum length to stay and no contracts to sign. We offer our tuition services for as long as you choose your child to attend.

If you intend to book your FREE no obligation assessment, please call us now on 01283 480 300 or complete the information form below.

Call us now to book your FREE assessment on 01283 480 300.

Free Assessment

Call us now to book your
FREE assessment on 01283 480300

Alternatively complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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English – Primary and Secondary

Maths – Primary and Secondary

Science – Primary and Secondary

11+ & Entrance exams (100% success rate)




Comprehension skills




Confidence building

Tuition from ages 6 – 18