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10 Tips For Training At Home

Here are 10 Tips For Training At Home and getting the most out of your exercise routine. Just because you cant get to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t make progress and get in super great shape as well as building your mental fitness.

1- Find space.

Find an area in your home or garden that is going to be suitable to workout in, having a specific area preferably where you won’t be disturbed will help put you in the right frame of mind to workout.

2-Set a schedule.

Have a set time of day when you are going to workout, this will soon become a routine and make it a lot easier to stick to exercising. I recommend first thing in the morning but it’s whatever suits you best.

3-Body weight training.

There’s a misconception that you cannot make progress only performing body weight exercises. You absolutely can. You just need to use your imagination. Check our Facebook members group for some exercise ideas and follow along with our live HIIT and bodyweight classes.


If you can continue performing cardio outside such as run/walk or cycle, that’s great. However, I appreciate that some of you won’t be able to at this time. Also, I realize a lot of you won’t have access to cv equipment at home either. The solution for cardio? Try some HIIT bodyweight circuits. We have plenty of them for you every week.

5-Calorie deficit.

Realize that the calorie deficit still holds true all the time. Even throughout this period. If you’re creating a calorie deficit, you will continue to lose body fat. So if fat loss is your goal then you need to still keep an eye on what you eat.

6-Less NEAT.

NEAT is Non-Exercise, Activity, Thermogenesis your neat is likely to drop around this time because you are burning less calories. NEAT is Non-Exercise, Activity, Thermogenesis. This is essentially all movement not associated with exercise. Because you will likely be stuck at home now, you’re going to be burning less calories than before i.e. performing less steps per day and generally moving less throughout the day. So remember to take this into account of your daily calories.


Keep to a balanced healthy diet that includes lots of veggies, some form of protein e.g. chicken/fish or if a vegetarian or vegan either meats substitutes/beans/lentils etc and some form of carbs for example rice/potatoes/pasta etc..


As a beginner I would stick to 3 days training with bodyweight or if you have some weights a week, with a walk or some kind of steady low intensity cardio on the opposite days and take at least 1 full rest day a week. For the more advanced i would use this time to get in 5 or 6 days workout a week, bearing in mind you probably won’t be working out for the same amount of time you would in the gym,

9-Should I train to failure with body weight exercises?

When training we want to try and attain progressive overload as much as possible, since we will only be using our bodyweight for most of our exercises it’s going to be hard to achieve this so it’s best to take all exercises to failure.

10. Don’t go it alone.

If you can find a workout partner, someone in your household, your spouse or even your kids if this is possible. Remember we are always here for you with our live classes every week, so you never have to go it alone.

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